New Pet? New Business? No Problem!

There are many advantages to starting your own business, like independence and flexibility, which is why so many people are choosing to make the leap and become entrepreneurs. There are also many benefits to adopting a pet. From providing you companionship during the workday to giving a healthy excuse to take breaks, starting this new journey with a pet by your side can even make you happier and more successful in the long run.


However, managing these new endeavors simultaneously can be a challenge, but if you make a plan in advance, you can do them both quite well. Here are a few tips for navigating your new life as a business owner and pet owner, courtesy of Slick Pet Shop.


Starting Spaces

Before you set up your business or sign papers to adopt an animal, prepare your pet's living space and your office area. You can set up your pet's bed inside your office or outside of it, depending on what you prefer. Just make sure it's comfortable and has a bed/crate, food and water, and any toys that will make your pet feel at home. You may also want to consider some type of barrier that will keep your furry friend in a designated area while you work; you can even find portable barriers from Slick Pet that keep your pet separate, but allow for optimal visibility.


Once your pet's spot is ready, consider adopting your pet from a shelter instead of buying from a pet store. Pet stores are the primary outlet for mills, which often use inhumane practices to breed animals and are associated with rapidly spreading illnesses that could impact any pet you take home. Adopting from a shelter or rescue, on the other hand, helps ensure pets that would otherwise be euthanized are instead taken to a loving home.


For your office, make sure you have a designated area that's large enough for you to work effectively. You don't have to have a separate office if you're working with minimal space, but you do need to make sure you have a desk, chair, and room for your electronics. You don't want to work from your couch or bed if you can help it since you won't be able to maintain good posture and could end up with a work-related injury.


Doggy Distractions?

There's no denying that bringing a new pet home can take up a lot of your time. To avoid getting sidetracked, you may want to download some time management apps. They can help you stay focused so you put in a productive day at work and still dedicate enough time to your furry family member.


While you’re at it, add some pet parenting apps to your smartphone. There are apps to help you with everything from finding new dog parks to mapping your walkies to helping you administer first aid if your new best friend gets into trouble. Most of these apps are free, which can be an important consideration when you have both a new biz and a new furry family member to consider.


Budgeting Basics

For both your new business and your new pet, you need to make sure you’re financially prepared. As Petfinder points out, a new dog costs hundreds of dollars per year. You need to purchase more than just the starting supplies; there is the ongoing cost of food, vet visits, medicine, licenses and even insurance.


Business-wise, you’ll need to make some similar plans. Beyond your in-house essentials, the SBA notes there are several expenses to consider, such as professional consultants, software packages, and, like your furry friend, licenses and insurance.


Consultants-wise, an accountant is a must-have and can help you create a sound budget, prepare taxes and so forth. You might get by without an attorney, though, if you register your business yourself. If you’re establishing an LLC, for instance, this can be easily accomplished through an online service. LLCs offer tax perks and can grow with your company as the business grows, plus of course, they provide liability protection. In just a couple of quick hours, you’ll be ready to roll.


It can be overwhelming to start a new business while adding a new friend to your household, but these tips will help. Create a space that works for you both, add some helpful tools, and budget for your needs. Your new business and your new companion will be off to a great start, thanks to your smart planning!

By - Cindy Aldridge