In the United States alone, every year up to eight million dogs and cats end up in a shelter. Competition for a new home is fierce. Fortunately more and more people are adopting. However; nearly half of these animals must be euthanized because good homes cannot be found for them. They need food and they need care! That's why it's so important to us to constantly support the "Adopt, don't shop!" philosophy of pet ownership.

We are also proud to make contributions to benefit the welfare of animals. We regularly donate to charitable events that surround the animal community and help save dogs who are in need of homes. A percentage of our profits goes toward animal charity. We've partnered with local shelters to promote adoptions. We also refuse to do business with any person or entity that sell puppies.

Who would have thought that animals can benefit from the idea of "Social Responsibility" as much as people do? Since our foundation we have tried to build the idea that pets have problems too, and they need our help.

Slick Pet,