Slick Pet

Dog Elastic Waist Leash



Type: Dogs
Material: Nylon
Features: Personalized, Reflective, Breakaway, Quick Release
Dog Leash Type: Hands Free
Pattern: Solid
Material: Nylon, Metal Hanger, Reflection Strap
Rope Length: 120-190 cm (3.9-6-2 Feet)
Color: Black+Orange
Application: Universal Breeds
Waist Length: 80-125 cm (2.6-4.1 Feet)

Despite its simple design, this leash is an effective option that can keep your dog close no matter where you walk or run. Made from strong nylon webbing, the leash is built to last. The waist belt is adjustable and utilizes a strong plastic clip. A gliding nylon loop is used to attach the leash. The leash portion is also adjustable and snaps onto the nylon loop with a plastic buckle.

Visibility is key if you and your pet want to stay safe when go out in the darkness. With this Leash you will make sure that you get seen by motorists and pedestrians alike. This is a brightly-colored leash. Its reflective material along with the orange color will pop against the colors of nature. If you frequently run at dusk or even through the night, you'll need this amazing leash to bounce light at a distance.

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