Slick Pet

Pet Selfie Stick


Type: Dogs/Cats
Compatibility: Universal, works with any Smartphone
Material: Plastic
Color: Black or White

Felines and canines may not understand the significant role pictures play in today's selfie-obsessed culture, but we sure do. This amazing selfie stick will help your pet focus where it matters the most (the lens).

This is a cellphone accessory that grabs the top of your phone with one end and the other end is designed to hold on to your dog's favorite treat. You can use it to take selfies, or you can use your rear facing camera to take the prefect portrait of just your furry friend. It fits almost any smartphone or tablet and a wide range of pet treats.


- Easily attaches to your smartphone or tablet.

- Capture your pup’s attention while you snap away.

- Incredible results using forward or rear facing cameras.

- Works well with most phones and/or cases and your pet’s favorite treat.

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